Proposal: Algorithmically curated news stories as first class feed items

Why: Excluding WvM and stonks, our largest markets are typically about current events. Since users are already coming to Manifold to learn more about topics in the news, it makes sense to direct users to news sources where they can learn more. The newsfeed is also a time-tested pattern in social media sites; every site eventually converges to it—the carcinization of the internet.

Vision: Toutiao + markets: Creating an explicit news feed has the potential to fundamentally change how people use Manifold. Instead of a place you refer to from time to time to see the market’s take on hot-button issues or events happening in your friend group, Manifold could be something people use daily as a place to get their news. This use-case is much more passive than the current ones we target (forecasting, gaming, etc), but consequently, can appeal to a much wider pool of people.


Missing elements:

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