<aside> 💡 These policies are outdated and no longer in effect. Please see the new resolving markets policies here.


Below describes our policy for dealing with markets that have been abandoned by their creators 🥲

Manifold employees reserve the right to resolve a market 7 days after either the closing date or resolution criteria have been met.

We have designated a group of users as trustworthy-ish, you may see their badges on the site. These users also have permission to resolve other users’ closed markets, although are expected to abide by the following policies. Trustworthy-ish users do not have the ability to unresolve markets or change the resolution, only admins have the power to do that.

Trustworthy-ish may resolve on behalf of the creator

All conditions of each scenario must be met to resolve a market.

The following message must be copied and commented by trustworthy-ish users when resolving any market. You may add additional context on why you are resolving it to a specific decision if you wish:

<aside> 💡 I am using my moderation permissions to resolve this market on behalf of the creator. This is according to the Manifold Markets unresolved markets policy found here.

If the creator returns and wishes to change the resolution, please reply to this comment and tag @DavidChee. The admins will then undo the resolution I chose and you may pick your desired resolution.


Trustworthy-ish may NOT resolve

If the following occurs, attempts should be made to @mention the creator or dm them. If this fails an Admin may be tagged to make a decision/contact the creator.

If you suspect any trustworthy-ish user is resolving markets in a way that does not abide by these policies please either email [email protected] or tag one of the Manifold staff in Discord.


April 12, 2023 - Reduced wait time in Scenario 1 from 14 days to 7 days