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Can my balance go negative?

Yes, due to loans your balance may go negative.

Each day, some of the mana you have invested in markets is returned as a loan to your balance. When a market resolves any loan you have automatically received from it is deducted from your payout.

This means that under the following conditions your balance can become a negative value:

  1. You received a loan and then spent the money from that loan to invest in more markets.
  2. A market resolves that you received loans from.
  3. It resolves against you (eg. you own YES shares and it resolves NO).
  4. You make no mana from the market, and have to pay back the loans. However if you have insufficient balance as you have already reinvested the loans, your balance will go negative.

In most cases, you can get your balance back to being positive by selling out of other positions or waiting for other markets to resolve in your favour. However, if your remaining markets also resolve unfavourably, you will become bankrupt and have to purchase more mana.

Another rare case that could cause your balance to go negative is when a market is resolved N/A. This will only happen if you realised profits early by selling shares. When a N/A occurs all participants’ mana is reset to be as if they never interacted with the market. So, if you profited early you will have to return that mana.

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Can my balance go negative?

Help, Guides & FAQ


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