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Rich text editor

We support almost all Markdown elements in our text editor. Write in Markdown or paste it directly and it will be converted into rich text automatically. You can also apply styling with the toolbar that pops up after you highlight text.

Screen Shot 2022-10-17 at 1.51.06 PM.png

Text Styling

We don’t support tables

Don’t format links with square brackets.

Comments, markets, and posts made via the API as a string also will have markdown converted

Helpful commands


Write @username to mention a user in a comment or post. This will send them app and email notifications if they have it enabled in notification settings.


Write %Market Title to link to a market. Just like in @mentions, typing % shows an autocomplete menu that lets you find the market even if you don’t know the title exactly


Write : to see recommended emojis. You can start typing the names of emojis which will cause the popup to show relevant options.

Advice on using Manifold

How can I track my profit and losses?

Tips on being a profitable predictor

Can my balance go negative?

How can I donate to charity?

How do I add an embed to a description or comment?

Rich text editor

Help, Guides & FAQ


How do I predict and trade on a question?

How do I ask a question and create a market?

How do markets work?

Advice on using Manifold

How can I find interesting markets?

How does the Manifold Twitch bot work?