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How can I track my profit and losses?

You can go to the “Portfolio” tab on your profile to track your balance over time and look at individual bets.

Make sure to also keep an eye on your notifications to see mana earned from unique trader bonuses, referrals, and tips. These don’t count towards profit but are still reflected in your portfolio value graph.

What counts towards profit for the portfolio and leaderboard?

What does investment value mean?

The investment value represents the expected value of your shares if the markets you are invested in were to resolve to PROB.

It doesn’t necessarily reflect much except whether the sentiment on markets has shifted in favour towards the type of share you own. When you buy shares, you increase the expected value (since the average probability you bought shares at is lower than what it moved the probability to). So this is why it will show as an increase in percentage even if no one else has traded after you on a market.

How is sell value calculated?

Sell value is distinct from investment value. Whenever you want to buy and sell shares you have to sell them to the Automated market maker which acts as a proxy between you and other bettors. Don’t worry about the details too much, but the more shares you are trying to sell back, the less they become worth per share. Therefore your shares are sold for less than what is reflected in the investment value.

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How can I track my profit and losses?

Help, Guides & FAQ


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Advice on using Manifold

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