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What is the liquidity pool?

The liquidity in a market is the amount of capital available for traders to trade against. Markets with more liquidity are typically more trustworthy.

How do I subsidise a market?

How much mana will I get back from subsidising a market?

How is new liquidity added to a market?

People used to abuse subsidising markets to increase their profit graph by first subsidising a market, then making their prediction, and then withdrawing their subsidy.

To combat this, you can no longer withdraw mana used to subsidise markets. Additionally, whenever a market is subsidised (either by a user or by the house), it is slowly and randomly added over a period of time.


How can I earn mana?

What are shares?

How do payouts work?

What is the liquidity pool?

Help, Guides & FAQ


How do I predict and trade on a question?

How do I ask a question and create a market?

How do markets work?

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How can I find interesting markets?

How does the Manifold Twitch bot work?